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Since 1885, Hastings has been an industry leader of innovative concrete material in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and finishes. Our Sales Engineers are seasoned experts ready to lend their talents to overcome the most complex, difficult and unique applications and installations. They’ll advise you on how to achieve the maximun aesthetics for areas that must withstand heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


Hastings Architectural offers the architect, landscape architect, and designer a wide variety of possibilities for today’s traditional or contemporary projects.

Checker Block is the solution to the problems of overflow in parking areas, service roads, or fire lanes. It is also a preferred “green look“ in parking or vehicular traffic areas. Checker Block will also stabilize embankments along streams, rivers, and lakes.

Pavers are steel-reinforced for strength, and their waffle-like configurations create voids between concrete hubs which are filled with earth and grass seed of crushed stone. Checker Block also provides the greatest ratio of grass to concrete of any similar material, thus enhancing its aesthetic and environmental qualities. There is no problem cutting grass with standard lawn mowers. Checker Block enhances surface draining, eliminating costly underground systems.

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