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Statue Care & Assembly Instructions

Important Assembly Instructions:
Please note: Hastings Pavement Company recommends a construction adhesive be utilized in the assembly of any product as required. Adhesive will insure stability of tabletops, birdbath tops, benches and any other products that requires assembly. Hastings Pavement Company cannot be held responsible for failure to assemble products in accordance with this recommendation.

Statue Care:
Please Note: Store your concrete lawn ornament indoors during the winter when possible. Larger items can be wrapped in a tarp. Do not place directly on dirt or in an extremely moist area. Statues should be placed on a patio block for stability and protection from moisture. Any items containing water must be emptied before winter - FREEZING WATER WILL CAUSE YOUR ORNAMENT TO CRACK.

These products are made for outdoor conditions, however can be damaged when certain precautions are not taken. Hastings Architectural is not responsible for damages due to neglect of your concrete lawn ornament or statue. Immediately repair damaged concrete. Stain and reseal warn pieces.

You may want to seal statues as often as necessary, according to exposure, usually once a year. This can be done with a clear, exterior concrete sealer.

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